Dr. Michael grew up on Long Island — Dr Nanilea grew up on the Big Island.
They met in Chiropractic school and both gravitated towards the power of Network Care. Eventually — they also gravitated towards each other. They opened Life & Body Center in 2008 and were married in 2013.

Dr. Michael Diamond
Ever since receiving my first entrainment I knew that I was meant to bring this groundbreaking work to the world. I am fortunate to witness miracles every single day. Seeing people get empowered about their health and wellness and sharing that gift with others truly inspires me. Dr. Diamond received his doctorate of chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. He is level 3 certified in Network Spinal Analysis (highest level available), advanced training in Somato Respiratoy Integration.

Dr. Nanilea Diamond
It brings me great pleasure to be with you in this sacred way; to witness and encourage the embodiment of all aspects, textures, colors and flavors of being alive; to grow, to create, to overcome the challenges and remember time and time again the joy and ecstasy that is available in your being and in your life! My passion is waking up humanity and celebrating our diverse unity and re-inventing a world that supports our soul’s greatest expressions coming to life.