Dr. Michael and Dr. Nanilea have created in Life and Body Wellness Center a true haven for healing. First and foremost they really, truly care. They take the time to ask questions and really listen to not only what is going on with your body but also what is going on in your life. They understand that it is all connected so they seek to see the entire picture of your life. From this deep place of understanding they begin their care.

I have been under their care for nearly a year now and my life has opened up and transformed beyond what I thought was possible. I feel better physically, yes, but that is really just the beginning. I am able to see patterns and old ways of being that have kept me stuck physically, emotionally and mentally. I now have the tools to recreate myself and my life. I’ve never felt better or been more happier! YES!!

If you are even slightly curious about Network Chiropractic Care I say just GO and at the very least check it out. You have nothing to loose and so, so very much to gain.

Thank you Dr. Michael & Dr. Nanilea for changing my life!

— Cherie D

I’ve been in care with Dr. Nanilea and Dr. Michael for less than 3 months and already I’ve seen greater results than from 2 years of normal chiropractic care. Network Chiropractic is not for everyone because you really need to be open to doing some inner work along with the care. I’ve had the good fortune of being opened in that way and have experienced wonderful results from NSA both in terms of physical healing and emotional healing. My posture is notably better after 3 months and it feels really good to walk around with better alignment and more inner support.

— Van M

This is your chance to see two of the best Network Chiropractors around anywhere, operating right in your backyard! The level of caring, integrity, and passion you will receive from Dr. Michael and Dr. Nanilea is off the charts. The methodology they utilize in their office is the greatest health and wellness system on the planet, and I only wish I could be part of Life and Body Wellness Center as a regular patient!

— Mike S. (Arizona)

This place is amazing, if you have never tried NSA before it may seem a bit odd, but it does wonders. This is true wellness, not just a quick adjustment to address an issue but ongoing growth and healing.

— Sean A

I literally crawled into here a month ago. Pain a 10 out of 10. Today was my 30 day interim exam. SO many things have gotten better!

Today, no pain! I woke up, got right out of bed and first thought was…… huh, no pain!

Amazing. Simply amazing. If anyone reading this has any pains, back, neck, issues, go. Just go. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

This place is a wonderful healing center. I look forward to going every time. After 10 weeks of coming here, I did my first 5K in 30 years! 10 weeks before, I could barely walk or crawl out of bed, and thanks to this Center and the knowledge, expertise and care they provide, I beamed as I crossed the finish line! PAIN FREE!

Thank you Dr. Nani and Dr. Michael, for bringing quality back in my life!

— Christine E

As soon as one walks up the flight of stairs, one realizes that this is no ordinary Chiropractic office.

The soft yellow hued office/sitting area is tranquil and serene. Soft music plays, candles are lit. Dr. Michael and Dr. Nani are the practitioners here. If you are new, they will do a thorough exam and evaluation and design a plan best suited to your needs.

Once established, one will put shoes in the cubbie, puts one’s personal items in a basket and picks one of 5 massage tables to lay on, putting a freshly laundered face linen down.

The golden rod yellow room is peaceful and serene. A water feature helps melt the outside cares away.

There is no manipulation here, no cracking, no popping sounds. Only gentle quick touches of energy points. Each person on a table is into their own healing so there is no sense of apprehension or boundary space.

This is Network Care, where energy levels are unblocked and restored. Where the mind goes…… ahhhh I remember that stress free feeling. This chiropractic care improves your physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Was I skeptical? Yes. Was my bf? Yes. But after I saw how they dramatically helped him with his ruptured disc, I understood this dynamic better.

Only after I had twisted, and compacted my spine, and strained and sprained my back last week, did I truly understand how amazing this work is.

It would take me 20 minutes to try to crawl out of bed. After 3 sessions with Dr. Nani my excruciating pain went from a 10 to a 5 in one day. A week later, it is at a 3 and getting better everyday. It DOES work! I also learned that I only took breath in to my chest area. Now I breathe all the way down to the end of my spine.

I highly recommend this extremely professional effective chiropractic care. One can tell that they genuinely care about improving ones overall quality of life and physical well being. It is affordable and well worth it. One’s physical health and mental health are so very important! If we don’t take care of the house we live in, who will?

— Christine E